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Target Audience: Educators K-12 This one day professional development opportunity is designed to help classroom teachers develop or fine-tune an effective classroom management plan that is proactive and positive. Participants learn how to develop a learning environment focused on clear, consistent expectations that increases learner engagement and provides every student the opportunity to be academically successful. Each participant will receive a CHAMPS Teacher Planner published by Safe & Civil Schools.To learn more about evidence of effectiveness, please visit www.safeandcivilschools.com. More
Starts: 9/28/2016 8:30 AM
Credits: 6 Inservice Points
Status: Closed
Class size: 42 seats
Closed Enrollment
Target Audience: Teachers of students 2nd-12th grades With the Possible Selves program students not only learn the value of school and the skills they can learn, but they also develop hopeful and exciting plans for the future. They also learn that they have choices among several future paths. The first step on the road to developing such plans involves identifying strengths and interests, which is exactly what students do. Next, they take a look at themselves as a worker, a learner, a person, and someone who has their special talents (e.g., as an artist, athlete, musician, car mechanic). What are their hopes, expectations, and fears for themselves in each of these roles? Based upon the results of this personal survey, students draw a tree that graphically illustrates their strengths and weaknesses and their hopes, expectations, and fears in each area. Next they set goals to strengthen their trees, which actually represent the students’ lives. Finally, concrete action plans are developed for goals, and a monitoring system is set up for checking progress on action plans. Goals are reviewed regularly throughout the school year, and students adjust their goals as old goals are attained and new goals are needed. Developed originally for use with college athletes, Possible Selves has also been used successfully with elementary, middle school, and high-school students. The entire program can be completed within a few weeks. The impact, however, can last a lifetime. More
Starts: 9/29/2016 8:30 AM
Credits: 6 Inservice Points
Status: 35 open seats left
Class size: 45 seats
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Target Audience: Educators PK-12, ESE, SLPs, OTs, Staffing Specialists For many students with disabilities, assistive technology (AT) is critical to ensuring participation and progress in the general curriculum. This interactive training is helpful for veteran and new teachers alike. It provides HANDS-ON learning of VARIOUS types of assistive technologies and strategies to support student engagement. Participants will learn and understand: • what assistive technology is • how assistive technology can support student engagement • how to support a student in the selection and use of assistive technologies • how to implement AT strategies in the classroom More
Starts: 9/30/2016 8:30 AM
Credits: 6 Inservice Points
Status: 14 open seats left
Class size: 35 seats
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Target Audience: Middle school educators. This training is designed to introduce teachers to cooperative learning structures and active engagement. These structures are easy-to-learn and are easy-to-use while generating student excitement and engagement with all grades levels and with all content. Participants will receive the Kagan Cooperative Learning resource book and the the Day One Kagan Cooperative Learning: It's All about Engagement workbook by Laurie Kagan And Dr. Spencer Kagan. To learn more about the evidence of effectiveness, please visit www.kaganonline/free_articles/ More
Starts: 10/1/2016 8:30 AM
Credits: 6 Inservice Points
Status: 26 open seats left
Class size: 52 seats
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Target Audience: Educators K-12 This course enables educators to develop, increase and demonstrate knowledge about variety of technology tools that can be used by students to scaffold, support, and augment some of the cognitive processing that leads to reading comprehension. This module is not designed to provide guidance in how to teach reading skills. More
Starts: 10/3/2016 5:00 PM
Credits: 10 Inservice Points
Status: 1 open seat left
Class size: 20 seats
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Target audience: All teachers who provide instruction to students with persistent reading difficulties. The content and instructional strategies presented in this professional learning event are aligned with Florida Standards and the Comprehensive Framework for Effective Instruction. Participants will learn ways to increase the explicitness and intensity of reading instruction to be responsive to students' needs. Research is clear that differentiated lessons, using explicit instruction and increased intensity, are essential for K-12 students experiencing persistent and significant difficulties in reading. More
Starts: 10/4/2016 8:30 AM
Credits: 12 Inservice Points
Status: 23 open seats left
Class size: 40 seats
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